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Effective and fast pain relief from mouth ulcers. Forms protective layer over ulcer Fast pain relief Does not sting Lasts

BC+ Cleanser Nasal Spray 15ml

Introducing BC+ Cleanser Nasal Spray 15ml Cleanser Nasal Spray helps to relieve congestion and symptoms of seasonal allergies, sinus infections

BD Oral Syringe 5ml Clear

Easy readability Both the clear and amber syringes feature easy-to-read scale markings for accuracy. Reduced errors The use of oral

Cooltopia Guava 320ml

This cooling water is a traditional remedy with new flavors lychee and guava. It contains natural ingredients that relieve and

Cooltopia Lychee 320ml

This cooling water is a traditional remedy with new flavors lychee and guava. It contains natural ingredients that relieve and

Hurix’s 900 Flucold Capsule 6’s

Traditionally used to relieve cold, fever, body heatiness and sore throat. Adult: 2 Capsules Each Time. Children 7-12 Years Old:

Marimer Hypertonic Spray 100ml

Marimer Hypertonic Spray Blocked Nose and Cold 100ml : Decongests the nose cleanses nasal mucous, and improve comfort day and

Marimer Isotonic Spray 100ml

MARIMER DAILY NASAL HYGIENE is a seawater solution naturally high in mineral salts and marine dietary elements. The formula helps

Nexcare Sensitive Skin Junior Eye Patch 14’s

The Nexcare Sensitive Skin Eye Patch is designed to deliver secure adhesion, yet it releases gently and cleanly from the

No More Cough Relief Patch 6’s

No More Cough is new innovation of medical device that combine Transdermal Herbal Delivery Technology (THD) and Acupoints into a

Opticare Normal Saline 120ml x 2 | 500ml x 3

Opticare Sterile Normal Saline Solution is an isotonic solution contains 0.9% of Sodium Chloride dissolved in sterile purified water used

Proxima Cough Relief Patch 6’s

Product Overview : -Suitable to relief symptoms associated with cough and itchy throat -Formulated with zinc oxide for extra protection

Renu Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution 335ml x 2

For rinsing your soft contact lenses only. Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution has a gentle, pH-balanced formula contains potassium, an

Renu Travel Pack (120ml x 2)

Fresh lens comfort all day long, effectively removes protein, outstanding disinfection. Cleans, loosens and removes accumulations of film, protein, other

Ricola Fresh Pearls 25g – Spearmint

Ricola Fresh Pearls-Spearmint Swiss Herbal Mint. Sugar Free. Refreshing.

Sterimar Baby Nose Hygiene 50ml

Sterimar Baby is a pure, gentle and natural seawater nasal spray that is safe to use for babies. It uses

Tigerus Pei Pa Koa with TMM, Cordyceps & Chuanbei Plus 300ml

TIGERUS Pei Pa Koa with Lignosus Rhinocerus, Cordyceps, Chuanbei Plus is a Chinese herbal remedy renowned worldwide to relieve cough,

Uroplast Sterile Eye Pad Adhesive 50’s

Product Description Absorbent eye pad with flexible adhesive backing Sterile Adhesive Eye Pads are an excellent alternative to standard eye