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A-Lices Shampoo 60ml

A-LICES Shampoo is used for the treatment of head lice and pubic lice. It contains malathion which kills head lice and

Aculife Lice Comb

Acu-life Lice Comb Our popular value-priced lice comb in self-standing clamshell packaging. Tested safe and effective at removing lice and nits.

Aculife Pill Crusher

PILL ORGANIZER COMPARTMENT: Built in pill storage compartment EASY USE: Ridged top, Designed for easy grip, Great for individuals with

Aculife Shower Sleeve

 Acu Life Shower Sleeve provides a safe, easy and effective method to keeps injuries dry. Acu-Life Shower Sleeve comes in one

Aculife Softwax Ear Plug

Soft foam ear plugs 31 Noise Reduction Rating Great for sleep, study, work or sports Great defense against snoring Practical

Alcosm Toilet Wipes – 8 Wipes ( 8s’ x 8 Packs )

3 in 1: SANITIZE + NOURISH + SOOTHE Malaysia’s FIRST mini-packed toilet wet wipes to keep your bottoms clean & sanitised when

Aspen Actifeet Health Socks

Actifeet prevents vein related problems by squeezing the superficial veins and improves blood circulation. Thua ACTIFEET prevents leg fatigue, Spider

Aspen Dyna Inno Life Clavical Brace

Bilateral underarm axillary pad cushioning to prevent excess pressure. Effective design for support, relief and speedy calcification of the fractured

Aspen Elnova Black Surgical Lumbo Sacral Corset

Elnova Surgical Lumbo Sacral Corset provides the patient with ideal lower- back support and immobilization on one hand and excellent

BIEU Super Soft Organic Cotton Day Pad 24cm 16’s

Made with 100% Organic Cotton Cover Our Organic cotton are harvested and grown using non-genetically modified plants, and without the use of any synthetic agricultural such

BIEU Super Soft Organic Cotton Liner 18cm 26’s

Tailored with plush super soft organic cotton and natural absorbent core to keep you dry, comfy and fresh so that

BIEU Super Soft Organic Cotton Night Pad 33cm 12’s

12 pieces I 33 cm Heavy Flow Made with 100% Biodegradable Organic Cotton Cover. Designed with unique deep channel design

Bioshield S Soap Bar 100g

Bioshield S is formulated with Precipitated Sulphur 10%, Salicylic Acid 2% and further enhanced with Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera.

BLOOD BackHeat Back Pain Relief 2’s

What it is: Drug-free heat patch for back pain relief. Why it’s special:  BackHeat is the ultimate back pain essential, made

BLOOD Corn Liners 30’s

What it is: Liners made with 100% corn topsheet – with an anti-crease feature. Why it’s special:  Naturally skin-friendly, our

BLOOD Corn Pad 25cm 14’s | 29cm 12’s | 33cm 10’s | 41cm 8’s

What it is: Pads made with 100% corn topsheet, super-thin yet powerful. Why it’s special:  The first of its kind,

BLOOD Corn Panty Pad 50cm Size S/M 4’s | M/L 4’s | L/XL 4’s

Why it’s special:  A dream team combination of an overnight pad that’s shaped like underwear. Our curve-hugging fit ensures total

BLOOD KneeHeat Knee & Joint Pain Relief 2’s

What it is: Drug-free heat patch for knee and joint relief. Why it’s special:  KneeHeat is the ultimate knee and joint pain essential, made

BLOOD NeckHeat Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief 2’s

What it is: Drug-free heat patch for neck and shoulders relief. Why it’s special:  NeckHeat is the ultimate neck and shoulders pain essential, made

Bunion Corrector (AFT-BR001)

Functioning as a softer version of a brace, the bunion corrector wraps around your big toe to both immobilize and