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SpaCeylon BREATHE Soothing Herbs Balm 25g

100% natural traditional formula to help soothe & relieve stress. Refreshes reduce stuffiness & ease discomfort. Gently calms & clarifies

SpaCeylon COMFORT Relieving Balm 25g

100% natural fast action comforting & calming relief from fatigue & discomfort. Soothes & relaxes body. How To Use Apply

SpaCeylon HAPPY Uplifting Balm 25g

Naturally refreshes & invigorates senses, promoting positive energies & happiness. Gently soothes & uplifts the senses. How To Use Apply

SpaCeylon RELAX Foot Relieve Balm 25g

Instant natural cooling & soothing relief from tired, over worked, swollen feet, foot pains & sprains. Gently soothes & relaxes

SpaCeylon SLEEP Calming Balm 25g

Naturally Hydrates, calms & relaxes mind & body, promoting overall health, total tranquility & deep restful sleep. A 100% natural

SpaCeylon Wild Paradise Luxury Balm Collection

Limited Edition Collections are inspired by the Wild Paradise of our tropical island home of Ceylon. The seasonal packaging is