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Aspen Diafeet Diabetic Socks – Universal

DIAFEET ensures ideal moisture level in the feet and allows unrestricted blood circulation. The Nano-Silver in DIAFEET eradicate infection causing

Dermacyn Wound Care Solution 500ml

A super-oxidised solution used by healthcare practitioners in the management via debridement of wounds such as stage I-IV pressure ulcers,

Nutribrown Rice Purple Sweet Potato with Prebiotic

Suitable for people with high blood sugar. Drink every day for 6 weeks. 10g of prebiotics a day for a duration

Ratusan MCT Coffee (Box)

Improve Mental focus Suitable for diabetic Helps boost good cholesterol (HDL) Provide energy boost for athletic workouts Helps improve cognitive

Ratusan MCT Coffee 450g

Drink coffee with added MCT Oil: 1. Suitable for Diabetic patient 2. Helps improve Mental Clarity 3. Helps boost good