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Oppo Abdominal Binder 2162

The OPPO Elastic Abdominal Binder provides strong and comfortable support to help to relieve the debilitating back pain often suffered

Oppo Ankle Support 2001

The OPPO Elasticated Ankle Support provides firm support and gentle compression over the ankle. This helps to increase circulation to

Oppo Elbow Support

The OPPO Elbow Support provides support and protection of the elbow during activities which require extensive elbow motion. It protects

Oppo Knee Support 1125

Product Feature: Adjustable wrap-around design for custom fit Open patella design relieves pressure on the kneecap. Donut shape around the

Oppo Knee Support 2022 – Size L

The OPPO Elasticated Knee Support provides gentle compression over the kneecap, increases healing and keeps joints and muscles flexible. It

OPPO Maternity Belt (4062)

Applications : Provides support to the lumbar and pelvic region. Relieves the strain on muscles, ligaments caused by the pendulous

Oppo Maxtaping 8094 (1 Roll)

Water Resistance : Maxtaping is water resistance and can be used during any activity. It can last for 2 or

Oppo Maxtaping A ( S/M/L)

Main Features : UNIQUE 4-ARC PATTERN DESIGN : – Centralized deep massage : Specific 4 -Arc application technique deeply massages

Oppo Sacro Lumbar Support 9″ – 2264 – Size M

Product Feature: Designed with straps crossing at the back and fastened in front. Comfortable to wear and provides excellent support.

Oppo Spiral Knee Support 2030 – Size S

Product Feature: Four medial and lateral metal stays provide additional support and stability for the knee. For arthritic knee conditions,

OPPO Thigh Support Elastic (S/M/L)

Oppo supports are made of 4-way stretch spandex with cotton lining. It helps keep your skin dry and comfortable .