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Blackmores CoQ10
RM 101.60
Uses oil-based Coenzyme Q10 to ensure optimal absorption of this important nutrient.
Coenzyme Q10 is found naturally in the body and plays an essential role in the production of energy.
Adults – Take 1 capsule a day with a meal.
Blackmores Omega 3 Fish OIl
RM 30.00
Natural source of marine omega-3 fatty acids.
Uses quality fish oil without added artificial surfactants to disguise fishy odours
Take 1 capsule 3 times daily with meals, or as professionally prescribed.
Blackmores Multivitamins
RM 128.80
Contains essential vitamins and minerals to provide your body and mind with all-round nutritional support
Help maintain health every day.
Adults – Take 1 tablet a day with a meal.
Swisse Co-Enzyme
RM 103.80
Capsule is formulated to support energy production and maintain good health.
Formulated to support energy production and healthy antioxidant activity.
One capsule once a day, during or immediately after a meal
Swisse E-sential Multivitamin
RM 42.25
Good quality formula containing 27 key vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and herbs to assist with energy production.
Contains vitamins, minerals & herbs.
One tablet once a day, after a meal, or as directed by a doctor or a pharmacist.
Bio-Life Multivitamins
RM 34.20
Contains 18 types of vitamins and minerals in maintaining everyday well-being.
Individuals with poor eating habit
Adult: ONE tablet daily after food or as recommended by your health care professional.
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