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BLOOD BackHeat Back Pain Relief 2’s

What it is: Drug-free heat patch for back pain relief. Why it’s special:  BackHeat is the ultimate back pain essential, made

BLOOD Corn Liners 30’s

What it is: Liners made with 100% corn topsheet – with an anti-crease feature. Why it’s special:  Naturally skin-friendly, our

BLOOD Corn Panty Pad 50cm Size S/M 4’s | M/L 4’s | L/XL 4’s

Why it’s special:  A dream team combination of an overnight pad that’s shaped like underwear. Our curve-hugging fit ensures total

BLOOD KneeHeat Knee & Joint Pain Relief 2’s

What it is: Drug-free heat patch for knee and joint relief. Why it’s special:  KneeHeat is the ultimate knee and joint pain essential, made

BLOOD MenstruHeat Menstrual Cramp Relief 2’s

What it is: Drug-free heat patch for menstrual cramp relief. Why it’s special: MenstruHeat is the ultimate menstrual essential, made

BLOOD NeckHeat Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief 2’s

What it is: Drug-free heat patch for neck and shoulders relief. Why it’s special:  NeckHeat is the ultimate neck and shoulders pain essential, made

Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Anti-Blemish X-press 10ml [EXP 11/2024]

INGREDIENTS: Lemon, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender and Vitamin E Tackles the cause to reduce acne, blackheads and whiteheads at the

Cosmoderm Vitamin E Facial Scrub 125ml

Product Description: Helps reduce visibility of stretch marks, operation or accident scars on the face or body Helps heal chapped

Cosmoderm Vitamin E Magic Exfoliating Gel 30ml

Description It helps remove dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads effectively and gently. Minimise and refines pores. Lighten acne scars,

Ensure Gold (Tin) 400gm

Product Description Scietifically designed to provide complete nutrition for strength and vitality Product Feature 6 scoops for 6 benefits: Complete

Ganilia Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Supplement (30s)

WHAT IS GANILIA? Ganilia with Microencapsulated Iron is an innovative and comprehensive formulation scientifically developed for pregnant and breast-feeding women

Miswak Toothbrush 1’s

Introducing the World‚ FIRST Miswak Toothbrush featuring bristles blended with Miswak (kayu sugi) and natural quartz ceramics. The toothbrush merges

Nutren Diabetic Powder 400gm

Nutren Diabetic is a nutritionally balanced, complete formula for oral consumption or tube feeding, designed for people with diabetes or

Nutren Fibre Powder 400gm

Nutren Fibre satisfies daily nutritional needs with both soluble and insoluble fibre. It is designed for those who require long-term

Optifast Shake 12s

OPTIFAST is a clinically proven, scientifically designed low calorie diet recommended to manage weight loss. OPTIFAST shakes are foods suitable

Realderm Ultralight Sunscreen SPF50+/PA+++ 60gm

DESCRIPTION REALDERM Sunscreen SPF50+/PA+++ is an ultralight formula that when applied will hydrate the skin with its Advanced Water Droplet

Rossmax Thermometer Model TG100

Rossmax Thermometer Model TG100 60 seconds measurement Fever Alarm Auto shut-off °C / °F switchable Low battery indicator Self-diagnosis for

SpaCeylon BREATHE Soothing Herbs Balm 25g

100% natural traditional formula to help soothe & relieve stress. Refreshes reduce stuffiness & ease discomfort. Gently calms & clarifies

SpaCeylon HAPPY Uplifting Balm 25g

Naturally refreshes & invigorates senses, promoting positive energies & happiness. Gently soothes & uplifts the senses. How To Use Apply

SpaCeylon RELAX Foot Relieve Balm 25g

Instant natural cooling & soothing relief from tired, over worked, swollen feet, foot pains & sprains. Gently soothes & relaxes